Our ethos is to invest in people, technology and businesses that can advance our understanding of developing leaders and leadership teams. Business is about people, and people deserve leaders and leadership teams who can deliver for everyone.

The LCap Group embodies the celebration of how people can make a difference, highlights potential challenges, and provides a clear focus on how leadership can provide the primary value for companies in their pursuit of greatness.

Leadership Capital

We understand the value of leadership teams and of leadership specialists, we focus on each business’s value creation challenge, develop an optimum leadership model, and analyse your current leadership team’s capability and propensity for success. Leadership Capital is the value of a leadership team’s ability to act as the primary lever for value creation. The Leadership Capital value of every management team directly affects the performance and results of the business. Leadership Capital can go up as well as down throughout the investment period.  

Data Science

Our Leadership Capital analytics platform supports the insights we develop to understand where and how management teams can be strengthened. Whilst data, data science and artificial intelligence are part of our platform, their value is underpinned by the decades of experience of our people and the experience of our clients. We use technology and data science to empower the human experience in forming critical decisions, not to replace them.

Human Expertise

Our objective is to use technology and data science to empower people informing critical decisions, not replace them. We focus on understanding the fundamentals of what drives leadership success: how the leadership team operates today, their probability of success with their value creation plan, and how that chance of success can be significantly increased. The expertise of our people and our clients is critical to our work. 


Investments that depend on a business achieving its future growth plan are complex and invite risk. There are no guarantees in investing, and we understand that both pre and post-investment, the leadership team represents one of your biggest risks. We work with you to transform it into one of your biggest opportunities.

Leadership Teams

We work directly with the leadership teams of high growth businesses to ensure they have the right value of Leadership Capital and behavioural complementarity to be confident about the future.

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