Environmental Social Governance

The LCap Group is proud to support, sponsor and partner with several important charities, including Save the Elephants and Ocean Beer.

There is still a lot to Learn from the Natural World

This year, we are delighted to support, Save the Elephants and Ocean Beer.

Elephants are the only mammal that does not develop cancer, and the ocean is tainted with microplastics that inadvertently enter the human food chain. Both charities' main focus, Elephants and Oceans, are currently under threat and need our support.

The LCap Group's analytics platform, and its digital insights products Leadership Dynamics and PACE, do not recognise gender, ethnicity, class, sexuality, or any other aspect of a person that has no bearing on their ability to perform or to develop. In all we do and with everyone we engage with, we are committed to embracing and promoting diversity and inclusivity. Leadership Dynamics is objective analysis that provides a benchmarked evaluation of leadership. This provides a robust governance tool in an area that has traditionally been opaque.

As part of our Environmental Social Governance commitments, the LCap Group is committed to only partnering with those who share and actively promote our principles for inclusivity and equality.

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