Leadership Capital

We focus on each business’ value creation challenge, develop an optimum leadership model, and analyse your current leadership team’s capability and propensity for success.

The Leadership team is the Primary Lever to develop stronger more successful outcomes for every company

We call the collective capability and complementarity of the leadership team Leadership Capital: a quantitative value that reflects a team’s ability to contribute to a company’s success. 

The Leadership Capital within any business can grow, or it can lose value when the leadership team does not have the right experiences, functional blend, or behavioural complementarity.

The LCap Group invests in the intersection where technology, psychology and data science meet Leadership Change and performance to develop the most impactful leadership insights platform.

The LCap Group provides clients with the smartest insights on their leadership teams, whilst our clients bring the context to each new situation. Combining our insights with our experience provide an alternative perspective on each management team’s probability of success, and creates the opportunity for us to work with both investor and leadership teams to develop value.

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