Human Expertise

Our objective is to use technology and data science to empower people informing critical decisions, not replace them. We focus on understanding the fundamentals of what drives leadership success: how the leadership team operates today, their probability of success with their value creation plan, and how that probability can be significantly increased. The expertise of our people and our clients is critical to our work. 

The value of a management teams ‘Leadership Capital’ is of Primary significance to Success

Leadership Capital is a tangible asset formed from an individual and team's experience and behavioural makeup. It can be measured, and we have unequivocally evidenced that the highest performing teams in high growth businesses have a critical Leadership Capital value. We believe the value of a management team’s Leadership Capital is of primary importance to its probability of success.

The LCap Group supports both investors and leadership teams who want to influence their probability of success through developing their leadership team’s ability to execute their value creation plan.

We are an active agent in promoting diversity. Our objective data-driven insights promote evidence-based decision making, mitigating the influence of unconscious bias.

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