The Group Overview

We are both an Insights partner, as well as, although not mutually exclusive, an Executive Change and Leadership Development partner. Our capability and businesses deliver four primary services; Leadership Insights, Executive Change, Deal Advisory, and Leadership Development.

We provide support throughout the entire Venture, Private & Growth Capital deal cycle. Our objective is to establish the value of a team's “Leadership Capital” and understand the impact it could have, so we can evaluate their probability of success. Our insights provide an objective narrative that helps take the emotion out of future leadership team discussions, providing our clients with pre deal management evaluation without incurring the sensitivity of requesting management access. Our PACE behavioural analysis creates a passport to identify private equity behaviours for individuals operating outside of private equity, providing an effective solution to developing both physical and cognitive leadership diversity.

Investors and the leadership teams of the investee companies need an effective method to accurately evaluate the impact of the leadership team throughout the duration of the investment period. The LCap Group's analytics platform and companies combine to create a full leadership lifecycle service proposition, using our proprietary technology and decades of leadership experience to positively impact the performance of the leadership team for all.


Investing in People

The LCap Group invests in people, technology, and businesses, who through their experience and our innovation can advance the way we think to; evaluate, design and develop leadership teams. 



To optimise the Leadership Capital across Venture, Private and Growth Capital for the benefit of all.



To develop great leaders, to develop even greater companies


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