The Group Overview


To establish Leadership Capital as the primary lever for value creation for high growth businesses across Venture, Private and Growth Capital markets.

Increasing Leadership value for investors and businesses

Success and failure aren’t always obvious. But both success and failure happen for reasons. The unforeseen reasons for success or failure are actions or inactions, and the sequence in which they occur. Through the analysis we undertake using our proprietary analytics platform, we develop propensity models, for success and for failure, using the specific data of each company to deliver a clear and unambiguous leadership bridge. In short, we are able to deliver a proposed plan of what you could do and when you could do it, to support the leadership teams to deliver the value creation plan.

Our approach is to balance the knowledge and experience of our people with that of our clients whilst bringing alongside new, critical insights on the individual capability and team complementarity. Our analysis considers the potential risks that the leadership team possesses today and considers, based on the team’s value creation plan, what the capability of the team should be and how you could enhance the behavioural complementarity of the team.

We provide our clients with an additional and important perspective, using proven and substantiated methods, to support them in their critical decision making.

Our insights are delivered to a consistent high level of integrity, to provide our clients with a reliable leadership solution. Our insights empower our clients to consider their options and act upon their decisions themselves or empower the LCap Group's leadership experts to deliver the Leadership Change and Development on behalf of our clients.  

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