Data Science

Our Leadership Capital analytics platform supports the insights we develop to understand where and how management teams can be strengthened. Whilst data, data science and artificial intelligence are part of our platform, their value is underpinned by the decades of experience of our people and our clients. We use technology and data science to empower leaders in forming critical decisions, not to replace them.

The LCap Group supports Businesses Growth through developing the complementarity of the Leadership team.

Our platform invites users to bring the rich context of their experience of each situation, so that together we can develop insights on what your leadership team needs to succeed. 

The individual and collective behaviours of a leadership team help create the culture of a company. Too many people in one team thinking in a similar way and displaying similar behaviours creates a behavioural concentration. Behavioural concentrations within business can be a positive stimulus for growth in certain situations, but they can also act as a handbrake, preventing leadership teams from developing, and therefore negatively impacting both the culture and the performance of the business. 

Top-performing athletes have both the physical and the behavioural attributes to succeed. It’s easier to get it right as a single athlete, but when placed in a team, the impact that others can have on the individual presents a significant opportunity or challenge. Our insights consider both the physical and behavioural attributes of the leadership team. Teams are complex, but teams within a business context, where different members of a leadership team have different roles and responsibilities, are especially complex. Our analysis goes beyond the surface level of what is meant to be happening to develop a clear understanding of what is actually happening.

When you develop a leadership team that captures the right experience, skills and behavioural complementarity for the value creation plan, the sum does become greater than the parts.     

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